ITE partnerships, and the teachers they teach, know how to #TeachBest 

Initial Teacher Education (ITE) partnerships across England are exceptional, ensuring we produce first-class, committed teachers who provide our country’s children and young people with the best start in life and the greatest opportunities to succeed after school. The quality of new teachers entering classrooms has never been better. 

Ofsted agrees – it has judged every single teacher education partnership as ‘Good’ or better.  

Yet we are concerned the government’s current review of the ITE sector will propose a system under which a small number of selected organisations offer short-term contracts to ITE providers.  

Under these conditions, many ITE providers might decide the teacher training market is unviable and will withdraw. Indeed, more than 30 providers have already signalled that they may pull out, taking with them some 10,000 teacher training places a year. The new Institute of Teaching, which will provide 1,000 places, will not be able to fill this void, leading to a catastrophic shortage of teachers – a devastating consequence for the country’s teacher pipeline at the worst time imaginable. 

We support the fact that ITE programmes are properly regulated and held to account for the quality of ITE they provide. This includes, under the new Ofsted inspection framework, a requirement that the new Core Content Framework (CCF) is embedded within ITE programmes. Evidence on how well ITE providers have introduced the CCF will begin to be available when ITE inspections begin again later this year.   

However, the market review of ITE currently being undertaken presents huge risks. There should be a proper call for evidence and it should be conducted within a reasonable timescale, when the sector is moving beyond the pandemic and when Ofsted has returned to inspections and has assessed how well or otherwise ITE providers are implementing the CCF. 

THE Solution

We need the Government to reassess and undertake an evidence-based review in good time that enhances and improves our teacher training system, not diminishes it; and leads to a pipeline of even more great teachers, not fewer. 


We are here to celebrate and protect this vital part of the school system: the ITE partnerships educating the very people who learn to thrive and become brilliant teachers themselves, shaping the future for children and young people.  

Whether you are a student teacher, a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT), an experienced teacher or leader, or a teacher education partnership, we would love to hear from you – including your suggestions about what could be done at system level to make our ITE sector even better! 



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100% OF ITE partnerships are good or outstanding

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81% NQTs rated their ITE highly